Join Mark Fotheringham, Physiotherapist and Co-Founder of Malvern East's Return Pilates to empower yourself with the knowledge to get the most out of your body in our reformer Pilates classes at Return.


Welcome to our Physio Library. We understand that falling in love with Pilates is an exciting experience and we want to support you every step of the way.

Benefits of Strength

Numerous studies have shown that building and maintaining strong muscles has a wide range of benefits, from reducing aches and pain to preventing the risk of injury.

Why Setup is so Important

Your body positioning plays a crucial role in determining which muscles you use during  Pilates. Our instructors will guide you towards your ideal body positioning during each exercise to strengthen weaker muscles and balance your body.

Getting Ready For Your Classes

Preparing your body, loosening tight muscles and engaging your support muscles will help you to achieve the most out of each of your reformer Pilates classes. 

How to Use a Spiky Ball

In an ideal world, we would all have the time and resources to get a massage every day. But unfortunately, that is not always possible. However,  one of the next best options is to loosen your muscles with self-massage tool such as a spiky ball.

How to Use a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a popular self-massage tool used to loosen muscles, relieve pain and improve flexibility. They provide many benefits for the body and can be used by anyone.

What is the core

There is no one specific muscle in the core. Instead, it is a group of muscles that work together to support our spine, pelvis, and trunk. Understanding your core will allow you to use it more efficiently in Pilates and everyday life.

More is Less or Less is More?

When it comes to your muscles, finding the right balance is key. Your muscles might be overactive as much as they may be underactive. Find balance in activating and relaxing your muscles in your class.

Your Core | A Complex Balance of Roles

Core muscles surround your back and trunk and play an essential role in almost every movement you make. Learn more about how your core muscles work together.

Breathing Matters

The way that you breathe strongly influences which muscles you use in your core. By focusing on breathing in Pilates, you improve the likelihood you are using your core more efficiently.

When to Stop and Reset

Your muscles have limited number of repetitions they can perform before they fatigue. When fatigue happens, the quality of our movements can change.

Healthy Shoulder Movement

Shoulders are a complex joint that allows us to perform a wide range of movements with our arms. Learn how to set up your shoulder blade position for optimal arm movement.

Dysfunctional Shoulder Movement

When it comes to proper shoulder positioning, there are certain movements that should be avoided. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to avoid locking your shoulder blade in one position.

Your Neck

There are many deep muscles in your neck that are positioned over the front of your neck spinal segments. These muscles work to support your neck. Learn more...

How Strong is Your Neck?

The deep neck flexor muscles are an essential part of our neck function and play a crucial role in keeping our neck healthy. Building  endurance in these muscles helps reduce many neck aches and pains and can improve posture.