Based on what you have shared with us, you would be suited to most of our class types. Our Progression and Elevation classes will provide more challenges in terms of complexity and pace. However, you still might like to focus on form and learn how you use your body well in our Foundation classes.

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Foundation | Beginner

This class is a perfect introduction for beginners and first-timers wanting to build a solid Pilates foundation. The exercises in these classes will help you learn how to move your body and teach Pilates foundations and principles to think about during movement. Foundation classes will also allow you to build a base for higher-level Pilates exercises and other sports or exercises.

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Progression | Intermediate

We have designed this class to build on Pilates foundations so you can progress into more challenging exercises. To perform some of the exercises in this class, ideally, you will have attended previous Pilates classes or have a solid level of body awareness. These classes will start challenging your strength, balance and coordination while building on knowledge from Foundation classes.

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Elevation | Cardio

Elevation is a progression-level cardio class. This class is for those with Pilates experience who are ready to take their Pilates to another level. The jump board may be used in place of the footbar on the reformer. You will find that this class has more significant challenges on your endurance at a moderate to fast pace.

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