Can My Teenager Start Pilates?

Can My Teenager Start Pilates

Once you start enjoying all the benefits of regular Pilates practice, it’s natural that you want to rope in your friends and family to start coming along to classes. So it’s no surprise to us that one of the most common questions we receive is whether 16 is too young to start Pilates.

The good news – Reformer Pilates isn’t just safe for teenagers; it actually equips them with much-needed habits for their posture and movement that will stay with them for life!

Read on to learn more about how incorporating Pilates into your teenager’s routine can positve impact their movement, and how to prepare them for their first class with us at Return.

What benefits does Pilates offer young adults?
The teenage years are synonymous with pretty significant physical changes – from growth spurts to puberty, there are a lot of new things about the body for teens to learn and master control of.

Posture concerns often emerge at this age, as some girls round their shoulders to hide their growing breasts or taller teens may round their shoulders and hunch their backs to appear shorter to avoid getting too much attention on themselves. In conjunction with increased time spent looking down at handheld devices, these incorrect posture habits can develop into muscle tightness, body aches, and even scoliosis down the track.

Teens also often participate in heightened levels of physical activity, so their bodies are put under regular stress and strain!

Pilates has a fundamental focus on posture, not only in the moment but also through the development of muscle memory that turns these postures into daily habits.

Plus, the required levels of focus and mental engagement during a Pilates class can have benefits beyond the body for teens as they enter a more rigorous period of their schooling.

So – you think your teenager would get a lot out of incorporating Pilates as a regular activity? Here’s how to prepare them for their first class to make sure they want to keep coming back.

Your teen’s first Pilates class
Attending a new class for the first time can be daunting, no matter what your age! As teens can be more socially conscious, it’s great to attend with them for the first time if you can to alleviate their worry. Make sure to choose one of our Foundation classes to ease them into Pilates.

If they aren’t super active in their current routines, reframing your teen’s expectations for the first class is a great idea. They may not have the stamina or flexibility to tackle every movement right away – reassure them that this is completely normal! Encourage them to take breaks throughout as needed.

In terms of attire, fitting (but not overly tight) clothing is best as it allows the instructor to keep an eye on your teen’s form and help where needed. They’ll want to add some anti-slip socks into their wardrobe too, to prevent their feet from sliding off the bar!

Lastly – remember that Pilates is supposed to be an enjoyable activity! Look for a class that doesn’t clash with any other extracurriculars – the last thing you want is to arrive late for a class, feeling stressed before it’s even begun. Perhaps book a weekend class for their first Pilates introduction, and treat them to breakfast afterwards to celebrate the beginning of a new shared interest.

Can My Teenager Start Pilates?