What Are the Benefits of Regular Pilates?

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One of our favourite things about reformer Pilates? How universal they are. As a low-impact exercise that’s easily adaptable to suit different fitness and mobility levels, Pilates reformer classes are beneficial for just about everyone and can be an enjoyable way to incorporate regular movement into your daily life.

But the benefits of Pilates span so much further than just physical strength. From increasing flexibility and mobility to improving athletic performance and overall wellbeing, there are lots of reasons to add regular Pilates reformer classes to your routine.

1. It strengthens and lengthens your muscles

While incorporating many elements of resistance training, Pilates aims to elongate and stretch your muscles as you’re working them.

This can help to promote flexibility and counteract any limitations in mobility, great for athletes to balance strength training and prevent injury, and also for more mature clients who don’t have as much movement in their day to day activities.

2. It improves your posture

The strength in your muscles that Pilates builds is complemented by stability work, which in turn helps to improve your posture over time.

As your abdominals, back and pelvic floor are all worked through our Pilates classes, other muscles like those in your shoulders, neck and hips can relax as your posture becomes supported by your core.

3. It’s a low-impact, full-body workout

The benefits of Pilates are more dependent on the quality of each movement, not on how high your heart rate is or how much you sweat.

Offering a full-body workout without the intensity or impact of other exercise like cardio or weight lifting, beginner Pilates is a great all-round physical activity to include in your routine.

4. It improves athletic performance

As Pilates works to stabilise and strengthen your entire body, it’s a great supplementary exercise for athletes to improve mobility and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Through their focus on core muscles and mindful breathing, the benefits of Pilates reformer classes can also help to build endurance for sports like running and swimming.

5. It can assist in injury recovery

Injured and taking a break from more strenuous activity? Struggling with back pain or other chronic conditions? Pilates can help to get you back to your active lifestyle, quicker and safer.

Improving flexibility, posture and muscle control with each class, Pilates helps to gradually develop your strength in a low-impact environment. This can be an effective way to aid recovery without aggravating your injury, and building the supportive muscle to prevent it from happening again.

6. It can promote weight loss

If you are on a journey to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, beginner Pilates can play a role in your physical fitness routine.

Not only an enjoyable way to commit to regular activity, Pilates reformer classes can help to amplify the impact of your other exercise through building core strength and flexibility.

Our classes also work to build lean muscle mass, which can work to increase your metabolism over time.

7. It can better your overall wellbeing

We genuinely believe that Pilates is one of the most enjoyable and mindful ways to move your body.

Return Pilates Studio is a great place to connect with like-minded members of the community; to challenge yourself with every beginner Pilates workout and to enjoy the sense of achievement as your skills and strength progress.

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What Are the Benefits of Regular Pilates?