Why Choose Return Pilates Studio?

Why Choose Return Pilates Studio

There are many reasons that motivate people to start Pilates classes – whether it’s to enhance their strength, carve out some me-time in their schedule or reconnect with friends and family, the benefits of regular Pilates practice span across many areas of life.

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to start your Pilates journey, the next decision is which studio will be the best fit for you.

Not all Pilates studios are created equal, and at Return Pilates we’re proud to have created a safe space that allows our clients to explore and challenge their movement with every Pilates workout.

Keep reading to learn more about what sets Return Pilates apart, and why we think you’ll love your practice with us.

We foster knowledge

Return Pilates has been founded and developed upon a strong basis of knowledge, in partnership with our sister business, Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic.

Not only designed to reflect our team’s deep knowledge of optimal movement for the human body, our classes are also designed to empower our clients with this knowledge, too.

We’re constantly upskilling our team and developing our classes to ensure we grow with our clients, and help you to get the most out of your body.

Got a question? You’re always welcome to ask our humble and approachable team – generosity of knowledge is something we’re passionate about!

We embrace family

We’re a family business, and it’s always been important to us that this comes through in every aspect of the Return Pilates experience.

We treat our clients like family, and want you to feel at home when you visit our Pilates studio. That’s why you’ll find calm lighting, soft furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment throughout our space to create a relaxed and reassuring environment for our clients.

Operating closely with our sister business, Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, we’re a community-minded business at heart and work hard to provide a place that’s safe, supportive and welcoming for anyone who wants to incorporate Pilates workouts into their routine.

We build strength

One of our favourite things about Pilates is that it proves that strength doesn’t have to look like lifting weights at the gym.

We believe that strength is part mental, part physical, and part giving you back the freedom to do whatever it is in life that brings you joy – whether that’s keeping up with your kids, getting back into morning runs, going for a hike on the weekend or maybe even completing a triathlon!

Whatever an active, rewarding lifestyle looks like to you, we want to empower you with the freedom of movement to help you achieve your goals.

We care

When you come to Pilates classes at a community-oriented studio like Return Pilates, you’re walking into an environment that puts our people first.

You won’t be just a face in a jam-packed class that’s one-size-fits-all; instead, you’ll encounter a close-knit team who really cares for the clients in our Pilates studio.

That goes beyond just personalised guidance and generosity of knowledge, too. We won’t sit back and let someone be unsafe in our studio – if we feel you could benefit from a physio assessment or clinical Pilates as a starting point in your journey with us, we’ll let you know.

We hope you’ve gotten a strong sense of who we are at Return Pilates, and why we go above and beyond for each and every client who walks through our doors.

Ready to give us a try? Browse our upcoming class timetable to find a session that suits your needs, or get in touch with us if you’re unsure of where to start – our friendly team are more than happy to help.

Why Choose Return Pilates Studio?