Everything You Need to Know About Our Enhance Classes

Everything You Need to Know About Our Enhance Classes

A big focus for us here at Return has been creating an environment for beginners that’s safe, welcoming and inclusive.

We created our Foundation classes to offer an introduction to Pilates that was truly entry-level, and were overwhelmed by the response!

Noticing a growing number of older adults in our Foundation sessions, we decided to create a dedicated class offering to meet the needs of these clients – and so our Enhance class was born.

Designed to build confidence, improve mobility and create a welcoming community for those trying Pilates later in life, our Enhance classes are now one of the most popular on our timetable.

How have the Enhance classes been developed?

Taking a lot of the form and technique focus from our Foundation class, Enhance classes have been developed in collaboration with our physiotherapists from Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, with an older body in mind.

We incorporate lots of low-impact movements while teaching you about the reformers, how to move your body safely, and how to expand both your capabilities and confidence!

What are the principles behind the Enhance classes?

We wanted to create a community for older people and a safe space to try new ways of moving the body. We find that a class of likeminded individuals allows everyone to let their walls down and ‘give it a go’ without feeling self-conscious or out of place.

Having a dedicated class for older adults also allows us to incorporate relevant focusses like the bone density, mobility in the joints, balance and coordination.

What does a typical class look like?

Our Enhance classes begin with a warm up, designed to activate the muscles and ease your body into the movements ahead. It also gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, as our community is a big part of Enhance!

We then work through a range of different positions with a focus on things like balance and functional movements, with everyone able to work at their own pace. At the same time, we run through how the reformers work and common Pilates terminology so that you feel more comfortable and confident in what you’re doing.

The class can be modified to accommodate any existing injuries or conditions, too.

Lastly, we conclude the class with a mindful stretch.

What will I get out of the Enhance classes?

The strength and balanced gained from improving your body awareness can help overcome physical limitations when it comes to living the lifestyle you want later in life.

Whether you want to go skiing, continue running or just avoid injuring yourself, our Enhance classes can help you to build a foundation of strength from which you can continue with other activity.

Plus, you can expect everyday movements to become easier – things like getting out of bed, standing from a seated position, climbing stairs, reaching overhead or even just chasing around after the grandkids will feel much more achievable as a result of the strength and mobility built through Pilates classes.

Ready to get started? Browse our upcoming class timetable here.

Kat & Mark
No imageEverything You Need to Know About Our Enhance Classes

Meet the Fotheringhams! Kat and Mark bring a very different set of skills to Return but are united in their passion for helping people improve their lives through care, movement and connection.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Enhance Classes