Mark is the Founder and Director of Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, where he has been practising as a Principal Physiotherapist for the past ten years. He has a strong passion for sharing how strength and movement can benefit the lives of everyone. Mark and his team of Physiotherapists adopt Pilates as a mainstay for preventing, recovering and treating many issues.

Kat, however, comes from the other side of the reformer. She is a Neonatal Intensive Care and Retrieval Nurse with over 17 years of Nursing behind her. She developed her love of Pilates after sustaining a back injury early in her career. This love grew as she went through challenging pregnancies and the physical and mental transition to motherhood.

Kat and Mark have three young children, so they are all too familiar with the juggling and sacrifices that come with the demands of a busy life.

Between them, they have over 30 years of experience in the health industry, bringing a dynamic edge to Return Pilates. You will see Kat hanging around the studio most days of the week gasbagging while Mark plays an integral role in program development, training and mentoring our Instructors. So be sure to say hi when you are next in!